’Madam! Where ur mind dey ?’Amelia,Lola’s bosom friend asked ,snapping her fingers at Lola’s face.’huh?’Lola looked at her. ’What are you thinking of ?’Amelia asked.
’Hope so..Can we now leave this class? I am done with these notes’She yawned.
Lola laughed ,’I wonder why you even bother ’
’Bother with ?’
’School na .You will be in class and still not take notes’.Amelia threw back her head and laughed,’’Pls ,don…’Her voice trailed off .
’What is it? ’Lola asked
’Look!’Amelia replied ,looking out of the window.’It’s Rogers!!’
’What is he doing here today?’Lola said visibly upset .
’What do I care’?Amelia said excitedly ’as long as he takes us home’.
’kill -joy,biko !Don’t ruin this oh!’
’Thought I told u severally that I am not interested ’
’Jeez! What planet are you from?Gawwd!!This guy is so damn sexy!’
As if on cue,Lola’s phone rang, she checked the caller Id,it was Rogers. ’pick the call joor!The guy did come to see you!’Amelia urged.
Rogers was a fourth year law student who had the hots for Lola, he was tall,light-skinned with a good build, he could easily pass for a model,he drove a Honda civic, obviously from an affluent home . According to Amelia,he was every sane girl’s mr. right. Rogers got out of his car and walked into their classroom.’Hey Lola! I called yu up’.He said cheerily,outstretching his arms to give Amelia a hug. ’How are you,Amelia?’
’Never been better ,u?’She said still locked in the embrace.Rogers smiled. ’I am fine. .let go pls, bfore someone goes green with envy’He said looking down at Lola who was still sitting and acting like nothing concerned her.
’Who are y’all referring to?’
’You baby’ Rogers said and squatted beside her.
’What’s up? ’She asked
’Nothing ..just you ’He smiled
’NO! I meant why are you here? ’Lola asked angrily
’To take you home’.
’And who said i needed a chauffeur. ..’She stood up and snatched her bag off the table.
’Ahah! Take it easy nw ’Amelia pleaded
Rogers rose and stood in Lola’s way. ’why are you so rude? Have I offended you? ’He said, raising his voice as he spoke.
Lola glared at him and hissed, turned to Amelia, ’See eh! We ’ll meet at home.. I don’t have time for. …’she looked at Rogers with disdain. ..this ’and stormed out of the classroom. Rogers was amazed and looked at Amelia. Amelia shrugged, grabbed her bag, touched his arm and left.

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