It was a cool Friday evening and  
Dede was hard at work as usual. His aunt met him doing the dishes at the back of the kitchen .She tapped his shoulder, ’You should go home now’.He turned, ’ok aunty, I’ll be done in a bit’.She shook her head.’No! You are going right now. Bena will be back soon,she will complete the rest’.
’Thank you aunty’.She smiled.       He wiped his hands on a hand towel, picked his backpack on the floor and left the restaurant.   
        Aunt Shola was married to Dede ’s uncle but she loved Dede like her own child .She had two children -the boy was an engineer and the other,a girl was in her final year. Dede was a 200 level accounting student. Uncle Ken and Aunt Shola did not have much yet they tried their best to help Dede. He had four siblings, a poor mother who sold palm oil to make ends meet and a jobless father who lived by the bottle.
     Nna was just outside the restaurant waiting for Dede.’What kept you? ’She asked
’Had to clean up’
’Oh OK ’
’So? ’
’Where is Benita?’
’School, restaurant later ’
Nna smiled. ’We ’ll be home alone then ’.Dede smiled back

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