Dede rushed into the class, late as usual, Dr. Stanley was amused, probably tired of being mad -Dede was one of his best.’young man, I don ’t understand, is it just my lectures you rush into 30mins after I start or this is just a norm for u?  ’Dr. Stanley said this without looking up from his text. Dede tried to stand up and everything from his backpack came sprawling on the floor. The class roared, Dr. Stanley shook his head, ’just sit,will you?’’yee. .yessir! I am sss-sorry sir!Thank-thank you sir ’Dede stuttered and sat down.

      Lola looked back and waved at Dede,he managed a weak smile.Dede was the first of five children ,life was far from easy for him. He lived with a not so wealthy uncle who volunteered to see him through the university because Dede was exceptionally brilliant.Dede was known for his constant latecoming to all his classes because he had to be at his aunt’s restaurant very early before the rest of the workers showed up and rush back immediately after his classes, yet he still did excellently at school.

This ofcourse earned him alot of admiration from his coursemates especially Lola.

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