’I really do not get you .’Amelia asked Lola, as she unpacked her bag on the floor .
’How? ’Lola asked staring at the ceiling. They were back at their house, they both shared a room in a compound ,that was a stone ’s throw from their school .
’I mean, you treat Rogers like ,some kind of destitute, u know. …’
’Amelia! Na wa for u oh!’
’That ’s the truth & u know it ’
      Lola got up from the bed &joined Amelia on the floor. She threw her right  arm over Amelia ’s shoulder..’Mma advocate, what exactly am I doing? ’she asked sarcastically
’Lola seriously, what has that guy done to u?’
’Hmmmn ’Lola said and took her arm off Amelia ’s shoulder .’Why are you so concerned ?Abi u don de crush on the guy  ?u wan date am?’
         Amelia turned &looked her, she was speechless,She shook her head .’Sorry, I could not keep my big nose out of your business’.She spoke calmly but Lola could see that she was upset .
’Ahah. .i did not mean it like that now. ’
Amelia stood up and walked to the door, then turned around. ’For reminders, I am happy with Jima. .Thank goodness, I am not the confused one!’She slammed the door angrily behind her before Lola could utter a word .

It was about 7pm and Lola was worried sick that Amelia had not come back home and her phone was switched off. She felt really sorry ,she knew she had acted childishly.She left the room and stepped outside ,it was quite hot and dark inside .There was no light and it seemed their compound’s  generator had a fault. Lola thought to ask the gateman,she walked down to the gate, she met him there, happily chewing groundnuts. ’Ah Oga Peter, how far? You de enjoy oh !’
’Sis Lola ,i dey oh !Come follow me chop na ’He said offering her some. ’Thank you jare. I dey fear pimples ooh ’
’Chai! Woman palava! ’They both laughed
’Ehen! Wetin do the gen na ?’
’E been de smoke oh! Na im I say I go carry go check tomorrow morning. ’
’oh ok! No wahala na. .Make I kuku go find where to charge my  fone.’
’Pele! Tomorrow !’
’OK wetin I come find out, make i reach house ’She said and walked away quickly,before Peter extended the conversation any further. She checked her pocket and brought out her phone, her battery life was 36%.She hissed and opened her room door & threw herself on the bed.

Lola opened her eyes and realised that she had dozed off .She picked up her phone, it was 8.55pm and still no sign of Amelia. She dialed her number again ,it still was not connecting. ’oh well, she is probably with Jima ’she thought to herself and felt a pang of jealousy .’I hate being single !!’she said aloud .
’I thought you loved it’.
Lola turned round and saw Amelia standing just beside the bed ,even though the room was poorly lit ,she could tell her friend ’s voice any day .
’oh Amelia. …’
Amelia ignored her, ’The reading lamp is almost dead! Yikes! No reading tonight .’
’I am sorry, I left it on and I slept off.’
Still ignoring her, Amelia stretched on the bed, just beside her .’phew! ’
’Amelia! ’Lola called out apologetically
’mhmm ’
’I am sorry about what I said earlier .’
’It ’s okay.I have cooled off ’
’Thanks babe. .’Lola said and reached out for her hand .
’Errr. .So where did you go?’
’Where else?’
’How is he? ’
’Fine. …I never knew being single was ever a problem to you ’Amelia said and sat up.
’Oh! ’
’Yeah ’
’The thing is I have a huge crush on one guy like that ’
’Yaaaaay !’Amelia clapped ’Hit me !’
’A name ofcourse! ’
     The standing fan came to life almost immediately .’Lightttttt! ’Lola said and stood up to switch on the room bulb.
Amelia looked at her wryly.
’Whaaaaaat? !’Lola asked
’Name? ’
’Too much info for one night ’
’Jeez!Lola! You are a strange one ’
’How ?’
’There ’s a guy willing to do anything for you ..not just a guy. .a worth -the -trouble kind of guy ’
’and how does that make me strange? ’
’Here you are. .daydreaming of some guy whose name you do not even know and I am sure he does not know you exist ’
’For starters, I know his name! I just don’t want to tell you -yet and he knows me!!!’Lola said indignantly.
’Calm down babe! I was just …’
’Knock it off! ’
’Lola! ’
’It has been a long day! Good night! She turned over and slept off or pretended to. Leaving Amelia wondering what she said wrong .


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