Dede made it quite early to Dr. Stanley ’s class this time -too early. He walked in, he met Lola already seated .For some reason, he could not really tell, he always felt quite uncomfortable in her presence. Maybe, it was the sheepish smile she always gave him whenever their eyes met or maybe he just imagined it -maybe not. His least concern at the moment was some spoilt rich girl and her smiles, he had real life issues.
         He acted like he had not seen her and walked up to the first row. She looked up from her book. ’Hey there! ’He turned around and gave her a big grin.
’You are rather early today .’She winked .He frowned.
’Oh my!No offence meant ’She said standing up. He smiled.
’It’s fine! ’
Lola smiled and sat back, ’I hope so oh ’
’Yeah ’He was about moving forward when she held his arm . He was taken aback.
’Ah! Mmmmn …’
’I need your help, pleaseeee ’
’My help ?Why?how? ’
’Dr. Stanley ’s course ’
’Oh ’
’Yeah ’
’Let’s see after lectures ..if you will be fr…’.She cut him short
’I will be very free ’.He looked at her amazed.
’No wahala ’.He said and walked back to his seat.

Amelia poked Lola on her stomach. ’Stoooop! ’Lola yelled.
’I was wondering….No rumbling down there yet? ’They were seated in their class after a two hour lecture and as usual, Amelia was already tired.
’Rumble gini ?’
’Are you not hungry? ’
’Nope ’
’Ehnn! ’Amelia exclaimed ’since 7am ?!it’s almost 2!’
’I said ,I am not hungry ..See me see case oh! ’
’Biko !No vex! Let me go and grab something, anything. .I am that hungry ’She said standing up, she noticed Lola did not budge. ’Are you not coming? ’
’Naaah! I ’ll wait here for you ’
’Hah! The next lecture is by 3pm &it is at Rm501.’
’Don ’t worry. .we will just meet there. ’
Amelia looked her quizzically and without a word she left.

The class was empty. It was 2:46pm. Lola was secretly hoping, Dede might come around,she did not even know why she wanted to see him after all, they were to meet after lectures. ’How on earth will I dismiss Amelia? ’She thought to herself. This was her first real opportunity, she had to be alone with Dede and she did not want anyone to ruin it, not even her BFF.
’What am I even doing ?’She thought again to herself.’What If the dude does not like me? ’’What if..?’Her mind raced with a lot of what ifs. She had no problem at all with Dr. Stanley ’s course.She just wanted Dede ’s attention and she was quite determined to get it .
She got up, carried her bag and her books ,checked her time, it was 2:50pm. Rm501 was a few blocks away but she knew it wouldn’t hurt to be there early, she would gladly save a seat for her friend who was sure to turn up much later .

Lola walked into Rm501,oblivious of the four boys that were chilling just opposite the class.
’Mehn !See that waist !’James uttered , trying to have a better view of Lola. James was a 300 level Economics student and Dede ’s friend. The other two boys looked back, including Dede.
’oh! She is in my class ’
’Na lie! ’Chuks and Ola said almost at the same time, they were James’ coursemates.
’Are you for real? ’James asked Dede.
’Mhhmm ..’
’Wow! ’Chuks said
’Ahah! Wetin dey do una? ’Dede asked amused
’You gay? ’Ola asked
’No way! Why? ’
’My guy! Have you not seen that ’coke bottle ’body? ’James asked
’I see her everyday..Na fine babe, no doubt but. .’
’But wetin? Even if I live with her ehn! I don’t think I can ever get over the fact that she is like some kind of mini goddess! ’
’oh please! You guys !’
’What ’s her name?’Chuks asked
’Dunno? !!’All three boys exclaimed ’Ehen! She be the accounting wey dem send me to come read. ..Anyways, just to gloat, not like it means anything, she asked me to see her after lectures today’
’I pray! ’Ola said
’Hahah!She needs my help in a certain departmental course ’
’Guy! Today is ur lucky day ’Chuks said.
’Too bad!I do not see it that way! Got to run along. .My lecturer is here ’Dede said walking away, laughing .
’Omo! ’This your guy na homo !’Chuks said to James .’No just argue am ’.
James and Ola laughed .

’Can we go ?’Amelia asked Lola,already irritated, Dr. Bassey had taken more time than she should have and topped it off with series of assignments.
’yeah we can. .pissed much? ’
Amelia hissed .’You do not know the half of it! ’
’ofcourse ,I do! I was here !’
Amelia hissed again, ’pls let’s go ’
’Go ahead !I ’ll meet up with you,okay?’
’Hmmn. ..too tired ehn! See you at home! ’
’Ok. ’Amelia left the class hurriedly. Lola looked up and saw Dede beside her.
’Hey! ’
’Hey! ’
’So sorry, we will have to do this another time ’
’Oops! Why ’?Lola said unable to hide her disappointment.
Nna walked in ,’Dede! ’she called softly, ignoring Lola
’Gotta go. .tomorrow please ’Dede said fidgeting .
’ooo -okay ’Lola managed to say as she watched both of them walk away.

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