’So, you roll with ’hot Lola’ now ?’Nna asked Dede,sitting on the bed,  they were in his room,the one he shared with his cousin who was now an engineer and worked in another state.Benita, his cousin was at the restaurant with her mother .
       Dede sighed heavily and sat down beside her. ’You even know her name’.She ignored him and went on ,with a smirk on her face,’Seriously oh!I know a couple of guys in my department…’.He cut her short,’Nna. .I don’t know what the craze is with this -this Lola girl,I just knew her name ..’Nuna looked at him, ’Ehen! I see! So you want to tell me now that, you do not think she is hot abi ?’
Dede laughed, ’Okay, I admit, she is’
’Good ’
’But I have no business with that ’
’Why? ’
’She is not in my league,u know. ..I mean….’
’I know. ..’Nna said and touched his arm .
’She is just a course mate, I started talking with a few hours ago ’
’Oh really ?’
’Though I have met her eyes ,a few times, its nothing’.Dede said feeling somewhat embarrassed.
Nna laughed. Dede held her left hand ,’But you know what I think? ’
’What? ’
’I think you are hotter ’
            Nna quickly took her hand away from his.
’But, Dede you know, I am not ready for that kind of relationship -not yet. ’
’Yeah, I know ’
Nna smiled at him ’I will always be here, u know ’.
’Nna ’He looked at her affectionately ’I ’ll wait till whenever ’.
’You won’t wait too long ’.
Dede reached out to her and they locked themselves in a tight embrace.

         Benita  opened Dede’s room door ,a few hours later.
’Ah! ’Benita exclaimed as she entered into the room, ’had no idea you had company, Dede’.
’Good afternoon Bee ’Nna got up and gave her a side hug.
’Afternoon Nna ’.
        Dede looked uneasy .
’Oh well, I will be in my room’.Bena said trying to stifle a giggle. Dede nodded.
’I ’ll see you before I leave ’.Nna said.
’No wahala ’Benita replied and gently shut the door.

       Long after Nna had left, Benita walked into Dede’s room, without knocking which was a norm for her. Benita and Dede were quite close, Dede told Benita everything he did, so did she.
              Dede was lying on the bed, his back to the door, he was reading a book.
’Hey there! ’Benita said
  ’You startled me a bit ’.Dede turned and sat up.
’Sorry! ’
’It is okay ’
’We have not really talked in a while ,said to come disturb you a little ’.
’Hehe! Okay ’
’What were you even reading? ’
’Oh! I was just going through one lecturer’s text ’.
’You and book! Take it easy oh! ’
Dede laughed .
’Any gist? ’Benita looked at him derisively .Dede knew where she was heading.
’Boring life, Bena, you of all people should know. ….No gist ’.
’You and Nna ?’
’Mmhmm? ’Dede snorted, leaving the bed and sitting on the only plastic chair in the room.
        Benita stretched fully on the bed,smiling.
’So you guys……’
’We are not ready for that kind of relationship yet?’
’Hmmmn ’
’Yes! ’Dede answered exasperated.
’Ha! Calm down jor! ’
’Nna isn’t feeling up to it yet ’
’And you guys are seeing behind closed doors? ’She lifted a brow.
’Beeenitttaaaa! ’
’Ehen! You guys are usually at the restaurant and. .’
Dede cut her short ,’It just happened, it’s not like it was planned or anything ’.
Benita raised her hands, ’It’s okay though !I know its none of my business, but be careful ’.
’Sure ’
’If you need me, I am in my room ’.She said as she got up from the bed and gave him a taunting look.
’Benita! Na wa oh ’
’What now? ’
’I hate that look plus it is not what you think !’
She laughed,’Fine! I ’m off ’.She left the room  .
Dede laughed as he rose and shut the door behind her .

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