Today was a really beautiful day..After work I chilled with a friend, we talked and talked (a normal thing with my girls and I;even the guys).As usual, as a retired ’love doctor’, we got talking about the male folk.. Hehe .I am guessing you are wondering why I retired-you must have guessed right. Oh well ,I have been there ,done that a whole lot of times and I am sick and tired..i decided to take a chill pill. Okay.This piece is so not about me.
       To the main gist,my girl and I got talking about a whole lot of things about life and relationships, etcetera but we were both keen on dwelling on the subject of relationships,one aspect of life that even the best of us tend to falter.She told me of a family friend who was in some sort of dilemma ;the young lady had been dating a guy for a couple of years-’the – when-will-you-guys-be-tying the-knot’kind of relationship,the type everyone knows about,the one you can’t even go out on a date with a casual friend without everyone asking-’hey!where is le boo?’-yes!that kind of relationship.I personally,call it,the ’crucial’ kind.
      Well,our girl here,happened to be in a very ’crucial’ relationship but then came along this dashing young man she could not just get her mind off,he made her feel in a way she claimed she had never felt before,le boo was beginning to get boring et al and now she was starting to get confused.Danger alert!!!
Now,this is where the love doctor comes in or rather ’retired’.One thing most of us fail to understand especially we females,is the ’new soup’ theory,here, a lady tends to fall for a new man who comes into her life because of the stuff he does for her or the care he shows her forgetting temporarily that the current man she is in a relationship with actually did same and probably much more while trying to get her attention.
         The ’new soup’ theory as the name implies,takes us back to our kitchens,where even when we have our favourite dish being refrigerated ,after it has been cooked a few days back does not seem as enticing to us anymore after we might have prepared another dish,even if this new dish is not a favourite.I guess,you understand where I am coming from ,this just works the same way in a relationship. Ofcourse,the new guy will make you feel excited and often times confused but does that mean he is better than the one you have been with for a while?-who knows all your flaws same as you do his. Mr.New takes you to exotic restaurants, buys you fancy clothes what? It’s expected ,he is trying hard to get your attention and the funny thing is when he knows you are happily settled in a relationship,he trys even harder..these men!
          My advice to happily settled people especially the ladies,I might not be an expert in these things,even though I love to think I am.One thing I do know is ,that guy who is not your boyfriend that is buying you loads of gifts and making you confused even when he knows you already have one should be out of your life in seconds .Half the time, they are up to no good,they come in and spoil a beautiful thing and once they get what they want they are out before you are even aware.A word is enough for the wise.
        Most importantly,be sure of what you really want before you put yourself out there in other,to avoid a ’crucial’ situation.I rest my case…

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