Rogers parked outside Lola and Amelia’s gate .It was about 8.00pm .He was still wondering, if it was a good idea or not, but he could not get Lola off his mind and it seemed crazy because not only was she not forthcoming, she was uncouth. He was fixed on giving it a try .Rogers walked into the compound and lumbered to Lola’s door.
He knocked once and waited patiently, his heart in his mouth. To his relief,Amelia opened the door, ’Hiiiii! ’She said excitedly and gave him a quick hug. ’Look who the wind blew here ’.He giggled nervously ,he was uncomfortable. ’Nah. ..I came here on my own accord ’.He was still outside .
’oh! I am so sorry! Do come in !’
Rogers entered the room and looked around, he had never really been inside, it was small, the walls were painted pink ,pink and cream coloured curtains adorned the window,two chairs and a large reading table where just beside the bed ,next to the standing fan was a small stand with a television and video compact disc set on it, the lemon green floral carpet added more colour to the room.
’Sit down ’Amelia gestured. Jima ,Amelia ’s boyfriend was seated on the bed beside Lola. Lola looked up, scowled at Amelia and then turned to Rogers.
’Hey !’Lola muttered, trying hard to be civil
’Hey!’Rogers said as he sat down on one of the two chairs.
’What ’s up, man? ’Jima called out
Rogers stood up and offered him a handshake, ’forgive my manners’
Jima smiled knowingly .’okay’
’Rogers, meet my boyfriend-Jima’.Amelia chirped in.
’Nice to meet you, Jima’. Rogers said
’Same here’.

Amelia picked up her bag and signaled Jima, ’We were on our way out’
’yeah’Jima echoed ,patting Lola’s shoulder
’So soon?’Lola asked irritated
*Uhuh’Jima nodded in affirmative and walked towards the door ,he waved at Rogers.
’Rog!See you when I see you’.Amelia said,hot on Jima’s heels.’Lola,I’ll be back soon’and she was off before Lola could utter a word.

Lola shook her head,feeling uncomfortable and at the same time angry at Amelia for leaving her alone with Rogers.She laid back on the bed helplessly.
’Lolz’.Rogers managed to say
’I am sorry’
’Errrr..well,barging in on you like this ,without prior notice’
’Oho!Thank goodness you have got manners’.She said sitting up on the bed.
Rogers twitched slightly on his seat,what a girl!He thought.
’Can’t we atleast be friends?’
’Hahaha!You boys!Apparently,you want more than that’
’Isn’t it obvious?’
’Rogers!i am not interested!’
’Fine.I agree but can’t we be friends?Hang out sometimes-harmless friends’
Lola chuckled.’Friends it is’
Rogers grinned widely,’Do you mind if I take you out now?’
’F-R-I-E-N-D-S’she repeated emphatically
She raised her brows,’okay!let me wear something else or what do you think?’
’I think you look’d actually look great in anything at all’.Rogers answered excitedly.
’Humph!I am good to go then’
’And where are we even going?’Lola asked nonchalantly
’Somewhere really nice’He winked and then smiled.He looked really gorgeous.
Lola could not help but smile back.

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