It’s a really, really hot Sunday evening and an extremely boring one. Worse still, I am home-alone, everyone is out doing one thing or the other. I have nowhere to go so I am unavoidably home-bound. I just want to write but unfortunately for the past few weeks I have been having writer’s block.Oh well, I will put down a few words today . I must! I have been on what a friend calls internet sabbatical for sometime now, which is quite unlike me but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.
   I sort of missed the internet. I missed the funny display pictures from my contacts on Blackberry messenger, I miss the instagram posts too both the funny and the crazy. *phew*. I could go on and on..

Series of thoughts ran through my mind a few minutes ago before writing this when I went through my phone contacts and saw an old friend’s phone number that I know I will never ever call again. You might be wondering why. The thing is some people just leave your life either because you guys fell-out, you stopped keeping in touch for unknown reasons or you realize you all don’t just connect not even as acquaintances. I have a couple of them.
The funniest part is most of these people were really great at first and then the fire just sizzled out. Sometimes I wonder , could it be me or are we just not cut-out to be friends? As I grew older and definitely wiser, I think it is the latter. Some friends are just not meant to be no matter how hard you try, take it from me. I have got friends I could literally stretch a hand and feel them and yet they are so apart, so distant and then there are friends who are a million miles away and it feels like they are just right there beside me all the way. I think a lot of people can relate to this.

One of my very many theories in life is you don’t have to force anything. Yes! I do believe in working hard to get or keep something but don’t you think it is senseless fighting for something and getting a negative result every single time? I don’t know about you but the only thing, I think one should fight for is something that seems worthy enough. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not one who believes in quitting but think about it, imagine if you have a great phobia for blood and you find yourself in the medical field and you find it hard to go further because you just can’t withstand it and you have wasted a whole lot of time that you should have spent doing something that’s worthwhile to you or rather, picture a very impatient person teaching pupils in a creche ,no matter how determined you are ,you won’t go very far ,why not go into a profession that’s worth your time and effort. It’s the same way it works in relationships with people as friends, lovers whatever. Do not force anything at all work hard ,be determined , be zealous ,go the extra mile, have tenacity ,be a goal-getter etcetera but be sure you are putting all the effort for something or someone that’s worth your the trouble because try as much as you want what won’t budge won’t budge.

So much for writer’s block, forgive my ranting if you actually think I was. I could get really passionate over stuff sometimes .Let me rest my aching fingers, ‘Til I get ‘passionate’ again.*wink*

Queen Wizard

4 thoughts on “Life 3:This And That

  1. I think I share in this thoughts of yours too . But let’s always try to not be the ones giving the friendship a tough one 😉

  2. I think this is my favourite piece of them all. Personally, I have a time frame for which a friendship or relationship should mature, once it isn’t forthcoming by the end of the time, trust me I can so give up and pretend nothing ever happened. The case is different for other stuffs tho. And there’s no time limit to passion for me.

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