“Get a grip on yourself”Lola told an excited Amelia as they sat side by side in a half-empty lecture hall. It was their lecture-free period. “Whoops!Yaaay!You know I still can’t believe it!”
“I never said we were seeing each other or anything ooh!We just went out together!”
“That’s a huge step especially for someone like you” Amelia sneered .
“Na you sabi ooh!I don tell you my own finish”Amelia laughed heartily .
    Dede walked in right at that moment, he glanced at Lola and Amelia’s direction and quickly looked away before Lola caught his eye but unfortunately for him,she was already staring at his direction .
      ‘Hey!’She called out. Dede stopped and faked a smile almost immediately .
‘Hi!’ He answered moving towards both of them.
“What’s up with you and this dude?”Amelia whispered before he got to them.
“Nothing..Be polite!”
Amelia made a face.
“How are you?I am sorry I don’t know your name.”Lola looked directly into his eyes .It made Dede really uncomfortable.
“I am fine. I’m Dede. How about you?”He asked feigning ignorance.
“Lola and my friend,Amelia”She said and turned to Amelia. Amelia smiled and nodded.
“Hmmmn..sorry about the other day,I had a couple of things to attend to. We could reschedule if you don’t mind.”Dede managed to say without stuttering.
“I totally understand”She lied.”Of course,I don’t mind.”
” Cool!Later then.”He hurriedly walked away,it seemed like Amelia was staring deep into his soul.

As soon as Dede was a few seats away,Amelia looked at Lola in awe. “Please!pleassssse..Don’t tell me this is your nameless lover!!Lola’s mouth dropped wide open. “Ameliaaaaaaaaaa!What’s with you now?!Who talked about a lover here?”
“You think say I be mumu abi?”She asked in pidgin,clearly irritated.
“Babe!how do you mean?”
“The guy you told me you liked , the other day in the house but you didn’t know his name abi he didn’t have a name.”
“Haaaaahaa!” That’s funny!!!because,it’s not Dede”
“Better not be”
Amelia shrugged .”I don’t know!Why not Rogers?”
Lola laughed again,”You are sick!”
“Am I?Whatever sha but seriously not that Dede dude”
“Hey there!Watch it!Why the hate?This is so unlike you…”
Amelia shrugged again.”What business do you two even have together?”
“Need a little tutoring in Dr.Stanley’s course”
Amelia looked at her confused.”You ke?How?When?”
“Recently..” “I why him?”
Lola looked at her exasperated.”He is a straight A student!!!!!!!”
“So is Jade,Glory and Ernest…very good friends and course mates”
“Amelia..” Amelia ignored Lola and picked up her hand-bag.
“Dear friend,I have nothing more to say,it’s obvious you are up to something but I just hope it’s not what I am thinking…Meanwhile I don’t think that man will make it for the next lecture.I am off to see Jima..” and she was out of the hall before Lola could find her tongue.

“What’s the matter with me ?’Lola thought to herself as she held her head in her hands.She looked up just in time to see Nuna and Dede holding hands and leaving the hall together laughing at something Dede had said.Lola felt sick and stupid at the same time.She opened her bag in frustration brought out her phone and sent a text-message. “Hey babe!!!”Lola looked up .
“You are here already!I thought you were in a class”
“Oh well!I was but your text…I was kinda worried”Rogers said looking concerned.
“Awww!You did not have to..” “Oh please…How are you?What’s the matter?”
“I was feeling a bit depressed..I just needed someone to talk to. I am sorry I made you come here. I was….” Rogers placed a finger on her lips .
“I don’t mind really” “I don’t know what to say” “Can we leave here now?” “Sure,we can.”
They walked hand in hand to the spot where Rogers’ car was parked.He opened the door to the passenger’s seat for her and then turned around and hopped into the driver’s seat. Dede had just seen Nuna off to her class and was walking back to the hall Lola and Rogers had just left and he was saw Rogers open the car door for Lola.He stared for a while and then walked into the hall.What a cool ride!He thought.

Queen Wizard

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