I can be spontaneous and crazy most times in my life. Sometimes,I love to dare myself,even when somewhere deep-down,I probably know how its all going to turn out.

I think I have learned-I am not so sure,maybe I am still learning that I should just chill and what will be will be. Hmmmn…but what about the fact that sometimes if you don’t live your comfort zone,your supposed safe haven;you might not get what you really crave for.
    I have tried to leave my comfort zone a whole lot of times and truly it does work but some situations can be really dire. You just have to chill,keep calm and let what will be come through all by itself-on its own. Yeah.

  Risks. That’s the right term for trying out something in which you have no idea what the outcome would be, positive or negative. They could be crazy but sometimes they are worth it. It may not work out just as you had 
wanted or imagined,bottom-line is you took the bull by its horns,took the risk and let it off your chest.
       I am of the opinion that it is better to take that risk regarding an issue you are totally being safe about than spend your whole time pondering on what might have happened if you had.
       Whether or not ,the result is positive. The most important thing is you took the bold step;which is better than asking yourself every other time,what if…?
      Not every risk,one intends to take maybe worth it but of course, it is wise for you to properly weigh your pros and cons before you take that step.
      After all you can never be too safe,life itself is a risk.

Queen Wizard

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