“Hey!”Dede called out, running up to meet Lola and trying hard to catch his breath in the process .She turned ,surprised to see him .She was walking down to her house from a grocery store close by. “What are you doing here?”
“I came to get a few stuff for my aunt” Dede said pointing at the store.
“I was there too”
“I saw you, tried to meet up with you but you were out before I could”
“Awww…at least you have now” She smiled.
“Yeah” he said looking down, shifting his weight from one foot to another nervously.
“So? Errrrr…you stay around?”
“Nope! My aunt’s restaurant is a few blocks away”
“Oh I see…Nice” “Sorry about yesterday…”
“I don’t get”
“Tutoring…Dr Stanley’s….”
“Yeaaaaaah… It is tots okay”
Lola laughed heartily. “I meant –totally ok”
“oh ‘’ he laughed too “Well, I hurried back to class to see if I’d meet you”.
“Too bad!it’s fine ..we will just reschedule”
“Fine..fine.Gotta run”
“Hold up a minute!Err..Might I have your nums?If you don’t mind that is”
“My wah?!” Lola laughed and put her right hand on her fore-head .
“Oh my!Your phone number I meant,number”
“Oh-okay” She handed him her phone. “Thankayyyy!” He looked at her like he was confused.
“Oh well!Thank heavens!I understand that atleast..Byeee!”He hurried off giggling. She chuckled.’He makes being plain soooooo cute’ She thought to herself.

    A couple of hours later. Lola was back in her room with Amelia, and three other friends-Affiong,Bassey and Yinka.
‘I loooooove this your snake-skin bag ooo!!’Yinka exclaimed, turning over Lola’s bag. ‘It’d go perfectly with my peach coloured body-con dress. Yinka winked.
‘Gimme my bag, jor! Body-con ko! ‘
‘But I like na plus there is this fine bobo, I am hoping to catch with that dress ‘She winked.
‘Bobo ke?! ‘
‘Yesss! Abi,you have not heard the latest?’Affiong chirped in ,as she pushed her medicated glasses further up her nose with her left hand.
‘Fill us in abeg!’Amelia said excitedly.
‘Shush’Yinka spoke immediately putting her left fore-finger on her very red lips.’Not yet’.
‘Meanwhile,talking about guys,Lola how is it going with you and that hot guy?’Bassey asked with a wry smile.
‘Who?’Lola asked impatiently
‘Rogers joor!Be pretending oh!’Affiong said sharply
‘Don’t mind her’ Amelia added
‘Anyway,quit the pretence,because three days ago,I saw both of you in his car driving out of school..so?’Bassey urged on
‘Well,that’s no biggie na..You girls sef!We are friends abi are we not?’Lola replied harshly
‘Calm down ..She means are you guys seeing or nah?’Affiong asked cautiously,trying to avoid Lola’s already brewing temper.
All four girls looked straight at Lola waiting for an answer.
‘Y’all are really getting on my last nerve,at first,you said I was not nice to the guy ,now I am,it has become an issue.Tell me,what is the problem?’ Lola yelled,scowling at the four girls .
They were quite taken aback by her outburst.Yinka tried to speak
‘Lola,we did not mean…’
‘PLEASE!!’Lola said with a wave of her hand ,which obviously signalled the end of the conversation and stormed out of the room.
The other four stared at themselves cluelessly.
Queen Wizard

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