YES!!!!You got that, I mean exactly what you are thinking that is if you are thinking the obvious ofcourse.*snickers*.This has been on my mind for a while now…Mmmhmm. Maybe cause I just got hitErrr, hold up a sec! I don’t mean crushed, well at least not yet but I do have a crush and I know I am not too old for that and you know the most exciting thing about crushing is when your crush is crushing  too!!That feeling is totally awesome. I may not be in my teens but who cares, anyone can have a crush or be crushing even at age 60 ..HYFR!
      You are probably hoping I’d say a thing or two about my crush.*evil grin* I don’t wanna…lala!Oh yeah!I still have to say something that’s the whole idea ,right? I won’t let out too much info though, he might even be reading this, I don’t want him guessing and all*rolls eyes*.    I heard someone say once,that it gets easier if you just walk up to the person and say,’ Hey you! I like you!’.Ooops!I am a girl ,doesn’t that sound awkward ???Our highly developed society thankfully doesn’t see it that way although some of our very African men do not seem cool with it   yet more than half of them will say they don’t mind a girl approaching them first .
       Picture this , A certain guy has been with this girl for some-time now and then issues arise (which is inevitable) he knows the right thing to do ,he refuses to ,instead he goes about saying “who cares ? after all I never wanted this at first ,she approached me first “(even when he likes her oh!).What-the ???Typical African man! Nobody actually cares who approached who first. I don’t know about you but I don’t. Helloooooo! It’s the 21st century dayuuuuum!The most important  thing is she likes you;  you like her –Big deal!
For me, I think the only crime is when the whole thing is one-sided, by this I mean, you like someone who doesn’t like you .Boy!  That’s a different ball game entirely. I’d say –Don’t even go there!!!!!          
    Anyway, to my girls, if you are crushing on any guy out there ,and you are certain he is crushing too or likes you back. You could take the bold step but mildly and cautiously so as not to seem too desperate or send the wrong sign.*Big grin* yeaah..Uhuh. You are welcome *wink*.

Queen Wizard

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