Dede sat across from his friends,under the mango tree in front of his aunt’s restaurant.
‘I can’t believe the semester is over already!!’Chuks said sounding utterly relieved.
‘I’ve never had a more hectic semester’ Dede added.
‘Three hundred loading!!!!!!’ Ola bragged.
‘Yesss oh!!!!’James echoed.
‘But really Dede,it’s funny to think any semester is ever hectic for you’ Ola said thoughtfully
‘You mean?’ Dede scowled.
‘He means ,you smashed all your courses,guy!!!!’Chuks replied in admiration.
‘and you didn’t???’Dede jested picking up a dead leaf on the ground.
‘Not with all them As man!’
         Dede chortled loudly.
‘We are done with this semester joor!Can we move on?’James said lazily.
The rest laughed. Ola cleared his throat,
‘How is that curvy girl in your class,D?’He looked at Dede curiously
‘Who??’ Dede muttered ,staring intently at his phone,feigning ignorance.
James furrowed his brows as he turned and glared at Dede.
‘Lola,of course. You no even sabi pretend’ he hissed.
‘Oh!!’Dede exclaimed
‘Yeah!’All three guys sputtered in unison
‘Oh well!We chat once in a while on Whatsapp ,in truth ,just pleasantries that’s all’.
‘There’s something you ain’t telling ,D’ Ola probed.

‘OK!!Ok!!!Mehn!You guys sha’ he said raising his hands.’she does want us to meet up but she has not mentioned it directly,so you see?’He declared wryly and shrugged his shoulders.
‘Oh!Of course!You are a guy so she is expecting you to take a cue from that an act’ James explained,gesturing with his hands.
‘She is out of my league ,you know.Why would she take a liking to me in the first place?’
‘At this point,who cares??’James asked,regarding the others.
‘I do’ Dede answered
‘And I do too’ Chuks assented.’It’s really not about her curves and all ,it’s how Dede actually feels’.
‘You get me,man!’Dede admitted thumping him on his left shoulder.

A buzz on Dede’s phone interrupted their discourse,then Dede giggled.
‘It’s her’
They hurriedly crowded around him.
‘What’s she saying ?!’a very excited James asked trying to take Dede’s phone from him.
‘A harmless hi!’Could you all just chill?’
‘Seriously Dede,’Chuks called returning to his seat.’Follow your only what you feel is right’
‘And I say,live in the moment bro!’ James chirped in.
Ola nodded .Dede gazed at them thoughtfully.

Queen Wizard

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