Lola stretched fully on her bed,turned over,blinked twice and checked her phone then smiled when she suddenly recalled that Dede would be coming over to her house that evening. She sat up;she was thrilled.
She had to get ready in time plus Dede was full of surprises;he could choose to show up hours earlier . She grinned again at the thought of Dede. Her heart fluttered at the mere thought of him .It had taken a lot of convincing ,scheming and cajoling to get Dede to be friends with her in the first place and though she liked it,she wanted more. Something intimate,she thought.
There was something mysteriously exciting about Dede that she liked,to top it all he was one of the best in class,if not the very best.

She happily hummed Waje’s I Wish as she got on with her chores. Amelia,her friend & roommate had gone home for the first semester holidays . Lola had deliberately stayed back because of Dede, he lived close to school with his aunt,so it was easier for her to see him and have him come over at anytime and there would be privacy .She shuddered excitedly at the thought,just she,behind closed doors with Dede .No Amelia to snoop around.
Thankfully ,Rogers was not around to breathe down her neck and watch over her like a hawk .He was away at Law school .She was glad ,she had been wise enough; not to commit herself ,although she didn’t push him away either. She smiled for the umpteenth time,as she entered the mini kitchen to do the dishes.
She imagined the look on Amelia’s face if she knew all the plans ,she had as regards Dede,how he was not just the scholar student who coached her from time to time. The entire Dede yarn did not go down well with Amelia .She expected Lola to be putting all her energy trying to make it work with Rogers .Lola rolled her eyes at the thought of Rogers. He was nor so bad after all but he did not make her heart beat ten times faster .She sighed .’Dede ‘ She said aloud.

By the time she was done with her chores,it was 10:45am.She made jollof rice and fried plantain as breakfast .She ate with relish,showered and laid back on the bed ,closed her eyes.Dede on her mind.

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