A very happy new year to you !God’s blessings to you and yours all through the year .I had a fabulous Christmas holiday,to think that I expected less and got more .My gratitude goes to God and of course my friends and family.


     You probably got the best out of it too and if you think you did not ,be grateful for life ..
always .That’s ‘best’ too even more than you envisaged.

  And,it’s a new year .About six years back,I was fond of new year resolutions that I do away with by the third week of January. (Lol .I bet you can relate). .I made a conscious effort to try not to make the same mistakes of the past year and be a better person, which most times I still made the same mistakes even worse. Sadly .As I grew older , I decided not to bother at all.
  On the 30th of December, 2015 I realised or rather,remembered that ,’oops!2016 will be my 23rd year on planet Earth’.It’s not like ,my birthday is in January or anything ,its actually a few months later but it will be 2016 and another year too so I can as well start being 23.Maybe this post would have been just right on my birthday morning ,all the same….

    23..23.I feel sooo old already .People say age is just a number ,well I say it too but some times your age helps to keep you in check ,on the right track .The thing is ,decisions you make at 16 are quite different from those you make at 25.The way you react to situations at 18 is totally unlike the way you will at 28.
    I lay on my bed and thought,I would be a year older in a few months and there a lot of questions still unanswered, unmade decisions and a bit of apprehension over one thing or another. I even wondered,if I was ready to be this age,crazy yeah??But that’s exactly how I felt at that time.
    Am I at the right place now?Do I have the right friends?Have my choices a few years ago made or marred the present me?Am I independent enough?Am I running at the right pace?Is my present career path right for me?Am I sending the wrong signal to someone out there?Have I or am I pushing away true people because I don’t understand them?Am I really feeling a vacuum in someone’s life?anyone?Am I kind enough? At this stage,Is my mother proud of me?Am I spiritual enough? How do I know the right man at the point when it’s necessary to?How do I tell real people from phonies?When would I ever complete my book?I could go on & on..My uncertainties were endless.
    Even as I thought about all this and put them down,I became cognizant of the sad fact that I was a worrier .I also figured it was a very terrible thing to be at any age for that matter.
      As a result,I have a hard time accepting some situations. In 2016,23 or not , I have made up mind to bother less about what I am about to do or what I have not achieved .If I say,I trust in God,and every Sunday ,I sing & praise and say how big my God is I have no cause to worry because it only means I don’t even believe what I confess.
     I owe it to myself,to trust in God,pray ceaselessly, work hard,be CONSISTENT and flee from procrastination (dream-killer).If you are in your  twenties or maybe even above that,and you are a worrier like I was before, well,you cannot achieve anything by worrying all the time .Only by trusting in Him,working hard and never giving up,things may not always turn out the way you expect,you might get tired at some point but of course ,keep trudging on .After all,you can never know unless you try.
      This is me,worry free,less anxious, hopeful and I have never been happier .I am 23.*big grin* I am not scared of handling the challenges that come with being 23.I intend to complete my first book not because I have too much capacity but because I believe and His grace is sufficient and I am ready to work hard and open my heart wide enough to willingly accept all the ‘NOs’ that I might meet along this path I have chosen to take and to be modestly proud of the ‘YESs’ .I would get at the end of day too .Hello 23!I am ready for this!!
    To you,I say,believe,be kind,be honest ,do not give up!Have a swell 2016..I intend to 😄😄


Queen Wizard

5 thoughts on “Life 8:Hello 23!!!!!

  1. Oya, Go and Marry. You are ripe @ 23 🍑.

    Ok, seriously though, as much as we are reminded in the holy book not to worry, there will always be those moments when we will doubt our capability to handle the future or even question if we have wasted part of our years due to certain mistakes or indecision.

    As for resolutions, scratch that.
    Just fast forward in your mind to Dec 2016 and write a post about all the things you were happy to have achieved in 2016 and start now to work towards fulfilling that post.

    You might not accomplish everything but you would have known you tried and weren’t just allowing life swing you in any direction.

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