Osaro looked on, bored as her friends chattered away happily .She sighed and fidgeted on her seat .They were seated in a noisy bar not too far away from the road so the uproar of  the drunk men and the loud music blaring from the speakers a few seats away from theirs was just enough to make her irritated.
‘I don’t like here’ she admitted finally. ‘Why are we still here?’

Nna cackled.

‘Osaro you ehn!I knew you would complain sooner or later’.

‘Biko you guys should be patient he will be here soon’ Ngozi pleaded
‘Babe!‘Soon’ is almost taking forever oh!Hah!’ Osaro barked
‘Calm down ’Nna muttered twisting her pony tail with her left fore-finger.
‘Os!what’s with you though?’Ngozi queried

‘I am sorry joor!I am just tired of waiting for one faceless man in a place like this-this late’ Osaro stuttered ,squinting at her wrist-watch.

‘He will be here soon and he is not faceless .I do know what he looks like’
‘Are you kidding me ?You actually have faith in all this cyber nonsense?’Osaro shook her head.

Ngozi sneered, ‘I see and if you don’t. Why are you here?’

‘Really??Well,since you both are obsessed with catching  a rich guy at all cost .No one can tell the extent you’d go.’Osaro chided.’
To cut the long story,I am here to keep you guys in check!!
   Ngozi threw her head back and laughed.

‘All this piety ..who e help??’Nna whispered.
‘Speak up babe!I no hear you well’Osaro commanded,readjusting her seat.
‘Never mind!’.

‘Better!!’Osaro snapped

Ngozi interjected,
’Girls pleaaase!can this brother show up already??’
Osaro ignored her.
‘So seriously Nna, tell me why you have refused to give this Dede guy a chance ,I mean,he has been liking you for a long time oh!’

Nna did not reply, she kept her eyes on her finger nails and occasionally glanced at the wasted men beside them already ,toppling on each other.

Ngozi guffawed.

‘Ehen!So na to come siddon for noisy bars ,dey wait for faceless facebook men come be the way?Seriously eh?’
Ngozi shrugged .’Sam is not faceless’
Osaro hissed and nudged.’ Nna,I was referring to both of you aunty’

‘Osaro,I don’t like being here anymore than you do’

‘I am talking about Dede here actually’

‘The thing is…..
Ngozi’s phone rang.
‘Finally ’She said visibly irritated.

‘Hello’she answered cheerily.

Osaro shook her head.
‘Mmmhm!I can barely hear you..yeah…it’s quite noisy in here..hello..’
Ngozi got up and walked briskly to the entrance.
She appeared five minutes later with a tall ,dark man in his early forties  with a scar on his right cheek ,smiling like one who just hit a jack-pot.

‘Hi girls!!I am Sam!’He said pulling a chair from another table to theirs. He sat in between Osaro and Ngozi.

Osaro seemed a bit dazed.
‘Goodevening Si…Sam..Osaro.’
She spoke dryly.
They shook hands.
   He held out his right hand to Nna,
’Goodevening ,I am Nna’

‘Wooow!you are soo pretty.I mean,Ngozi you have very fine friends.I am so sorry I kept you lovelies waiting’.

‘It’s okay’.Nna said grinning widely.

Osaro snorted ; Ngozi kicked her leg under the table and smiled at Sam.
‘I ..We understand’

‘I had a meeting at a hotel just down the road with a couple of friends..infact,the meeting is still on.I had to sneak out to see you.’
He winked at Ngozi
She giggled.
‘Will you girls mind coming with me?i mean,you could meet my friends and all’

‘Yes!We mind.’Osaro chirped in rudely.
   Ngozi glared at her,
’Don’t mind her.She has a curfew.I’ll go with you and Nna will too.’
Nna stared at both her friends,
’Err,I’ll go with Osaro..I feel tired already’
  Osaro stood up abruptly,’It was nice meeting you’.She said and feigned a smile.
‘Same here..same here’Sam opened his wallet ,I’d have loved to drop you off but here,I hope this will do’He said handing over a thousand naira note to Osaro and Nna.
Nna stood up and took the money from him.
’Thank you very much’
   Osaro was out of the bar already.

Nna rushed out to meet up with her.
‘You did not have to be that rude’
‘You say?That guy could be married you know.’Osaro mumbled,trying to hail a taxi without looking at Nna.
‘If these are the kind of guys you intend to be stuck with,I advice that you reconsider Dede’s proposal and stop acting like you are not ready when you really are .Goodnight!!’

   A taxi stopped just infront of her,she got in and he drove off,leaving Nna astounded.

Queen Wizard

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