The room was dark .It wasn’t exactly late but the weather outside was foggy .Lola had once again wheedled Dede to come over to her house .Even though,they were going on well as friends ,Lola wanted much more .Dede was finding it difficult but he had adhered to his friends’ counsel and decided to play along .It was still not easy.
‘Thanks for coming over,Dee’ Lola said fondly
‘You are welcome’ Dede replied not looking up
‘I like you Dede and it’s so funny’ Lola stated
‘Err..I don’t know what to say’ Dede murmured ,fiddling with the end of the peach coloured bed sheet .
Lola chuckled and kissed him abruptly on his lips.
Dede was taken aback.
‘Ah!Lola..’He exclaimed as he stood up
‘I am so sorry .I acted on impulse ‘Lola pleaded
‘Obviously. I’d be leaving now ‘Dede responded quietly
‘Please Dede…’
‘I am not upset really but I have to get going’ He insisted
‘We’ll see in school on Monday ,yeah?’
‘Why?’Lola demanded
‘I need money to buy some textbooks and I’ll have to help my aunt in the restaurant next week’
‘Hmmmn..What if I lend you mine ‘ Lola suggested thoughtfully.
‘You might not have all the ones I need’
‘Try me’
‘I don’t want to inconvenience you at all’
‘You are not’ She said obstinately
‘You need them to study ,Lola’ Dede insisted
‘Ok then’
She got up from the bed and picked up her grey coloured hand bag from the reading table .She opened it and brought out some money.
‘Here Dede .This is 7,000 naira .It should be enough and don’t say no!!!!!’ She said grimly stuffing the money into his pocket.
‘Lola no now ..pls’
‘I am not listening to you’
‘This is too much’ Dede complained
‘No!it isn’t !I like you Dede and I am willing to go the extra mile and this is nothing’.Lola asserted
‘Wow!Lola , I am speechless .Thank you so much’
‘Now,that’s enough’ She said patting his left arm
‘Thank you and thank you’ Dede went on.

‘Hey girl!’ Amelia called out bouncing in .She stopped in her tracks when she saw her friend and Dede .
‘Dede!Quite a surprise!’She said,raising her left brow and trying to meet Lola’s eyes
‘Hi Amelia!Good to see you’ Dede said nervously
‘Same here’
‘I was just about leaving before you walked in ‘
‘Oh !I see!’ Amelia replied ,her eyes darting from Dede to Lola.
‘Well..I am off!See you,Amelia!!
Thanks again Lola .I’ll message you’ Dede said breathlessly as he hurried off .
Lola rolled her eyes at Amelia and sat on the bed.
‘Huh?’ Amelia asked,confused.
‘Say all you have to say of course!Witch!’Lola commanded playfully.
‘Oh please!As usual,my lips are sealed’ Amelia placed two fingers on her lips and fell on the bed.

‘What was he thanking you for?’Amelia inquired breaking the silence.
Lola coughed
‘For entertaining him’ She lied
Amelia looked at her with a new found interest
‘Seriously? I never knew you were an entertainer oh!!And you have not been entertaining us the whole time’ She said sarcastically.
‘You de craze!!!’ Lola laughed.’ We just talked and stuff’
‘And stuff??’ Amelia looked at her wryly.’ My friend! My friend ‘.
‘Gerrarahere!!!You have a filthy mind’ Lola admitted and thumped her lightly on her right shoulder.
‘Oh well!!Amelia shrugged.’Even if you are not so into Rogers .Eh!If you must do any guy not Dede abeg’
‘I am not doing him!!!!!!’Lola shrieked.’and why not him?’
Amelia shrugged again.

‘Hello Dede’ Nuna spoke over the phone.’where are you?I am in front of the restaurant’
‘Coming right away’ Dede answered ,walking out of his aunt’s kitchen where he had been helping out with the dishes.
‘Nuna!baby!’Dede called out,encircling her in a warm embrace.
Nuna wriggled out.
‘What’s with the PDA’?
‘Nothing!I missed you terribly’
‘I see ‘Nuna smiled’ Where have you been?’
‘With Lola’ He answered and made a face
‘She really likes me’
‘And you?’ Nuna queried looking at him in the eye.
‘I like you Nuna and you know’
‘Mmmn’ She held his right hand ‘I do but Lola is hot and….’
‘And rich and it doesn’t matter.’
‘So she is spending already ‘Nuna winked
‘Not really..She gave me 7,000 naira.’Dede said taking out the money from his pocket.
‘Wooooow!She really likes you’
Dede shrugged.
‘I promised I’d give you some cash if I come up with any for that dress you needed for your cousin’s wedding’
Nuna grinned from ear to ear .Dede handed over 5,000 naira to her.
‘Thank you Dede darling!!’She hugged him and gave him a peck on his cheek ,he tried to peck back but she moved away.
‘I need time Dede’ she sympathised
‘I understand’ He squeezed her hands
‘I will see you in school next week’
Dede watched her leave .He loved Nuna very much and he was willing to wait for as long as she wanted .The kiss with Lola crossed his mind and he wished Nuna had done that instead .He smiled at the thought as he entered his aunt’s restaurant.

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  1. Fascinating,intriguing,I hope I won’t have to wait long for d next’s so cool in-short my fingers are crossed

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