Okay. It’s 6:16am .I have been up since 4am.I am an early riser by the way so it is nothing unusual.
I am done with my necessary morning ritual and I am lying back on my bed .As usual a lot of thoughts come rushing into my head both the relevant and irrelevant ones.

Yes.I am young and I have a lot of things I want to do.Sometimes I feel I am a step closer and other times it seems like I am a million miles away from what should really be or where I should really be.I get melancholic ,anxious and a few times very depressed then I tell myself that I am walking down the path of ingratitude.There are times I get anxious,worried and uncomfortable over a particular situation forgetting all the hurdles I have jumped over and all that I have been through and got out of in fact unscathed.I realise that it has been God’s grace and being apprehensive and complaining constantly shows nothing else but ingratitude.
I am thankful for where I have been,where I am and where I am going .No need for unnecessary complaints .A grateful spirit can take you farther than you have ever imagined .Despite what you might be going through right now just remember that God has brought you through worse and of course He can and will do it again.
With hard work,consistency ,a positive attitude and most especially,faith and prayers you can always achieve what you want no matter what.
For me,I am busy being thankful and I have no time to dwell on any kind of set back at all. Ditch anxiety ,bad vibes and worry today and dare to be grateful.Trust me,there’s nothing better.
This is a really short post but it might inspire someone today.Who knows.
Happy Sunday People!

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