“Nuna was really excited about the money,she really needed to buy that dress,I am so glad I could help” Dede said aloud  to himself ,in his room,a few days later,vividly recalling how excited Nuna had been.
James ,his friend and colleague sat on the floor in Dede’s room ,just beside his bed.


‘You are spending money on Nuna?Money that you need. You dey ok?’ James reprimanded.
“Chill bro!It was unexpected cash..like errr..a gift”
“Gift ke?” James’ eyes
Dede nodded.
James got up and joined Dede on the bed.
He thumped him on the shoulder.
“Ehen!Tell me more..So you have come around at last?”
“Say what?”
“You are with Lola”
    Dede shook his head vigorously.
“I am not oh. Not at all. Long story sha. She just decided to help me out with cash and she is more than willing to give more but truth be told, I don’t like her that way. Nuna’s the girl I want.” He explained breathlessly.
James drew in a deep breath.
“So this Lola girl is really into you?”
He inquired breaking the silence.
“Surprisingly yeah”
James grinned wryly.
“Well then……”
Dede gave him a once-over.
“Talk!What na?!”
“You CAN eat your cake and have it you know!”James stated delightfully, like a child who had just been handed a full box of candy.
“How ?”
“Ah!this guy!Lola has the cash and is willing to spend and she obviously got the hots for you and to entice your dream girl ,you need this cash!!!!!!
Dede looked at him blank.
“Can’t you see how it clicks”James shrieked gesturing with his fingers.
“You may have a point” Dede managed to speak amidst the torrents of thoughts rushing in his head.
“I am totally right !!” James insisted, rising from the bed and taking his books off Dede’s mini reading table.
“So really what do I have to do?Mr.got-it-all-figured-out.”Dede asked tittering.
“Don’t even try to laugh!Call her up and tell her you are ready”
“Hah!Just that?”
“Yes!She is smart and desperate for you so she will know what you mean. Trust me!” James asserted.
“Errr..I’ll message her or something”.
“Whatever! Just do what has to be done”.James said walking out of the room and looking down at his watch.”I need to go. It’s 6:15pm already. I  have to meet up with my sis in church. See you on Friday!!!”
Dede barely heard him ,he was preoccupied with his own thoughts. He picked up his phone and scrolled to Lola’s contact with trembling fingers.Did he want to do this??

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