“I have missed you so much ,Lola”.Rogers admitted,placing his right hand in hers.
“You hardly ever return my calls or messages .I thought we had gone past this.”
“Err..You know how school can be and all.I barely even have time for myself.”Lola claimed and tucked a loosely held brain behind her ear.
       Rogers turned away tapping a finger on the wheel of his car,they both sat in his car parked a few houses away from Lola’s.
He turned and faced her,”Lola,I need you to be sincere with me.Are you seeing someone else?”
Lola pursed her lips.
“Well..No,I guess”She sputtered
“You guess?”
“Look!Rogers!I am not!It’s just that you are choking me.”
He leaned back and glared at her.
“Choking you?Seriously?!”
“Calm down Rog.I need space …I need time”She retorted ,shifting uncomfortably on the passenger’s seat.
“Space?!”He repeated indignantly.”I am done with my defense and all.I should be home now with my folks planning for the next step but I stayed a while just so I could see you.It’s been a month since I last saw you!Jeez!I miss you!I thought we had an understanding!
Lola shrugged.”I thought so t…..”
   There was a beep on Lola’s phone.She stared at the phone on her laps and picked it up feverishly and continued gazing like one in a trance.
“Really?”She mumbled to herself  pleased,unmindful of Rogers.
‘Hey!Is everything okay?!”Rogers nudged her.
      She looked up as she rubbed her thighs nervously.
“Are you su…?!”
“I got to go Rogie.I will see you tomorrow most definitely in fact I will call you or text .Or just buzz on whatsapp.”She babbled.
Call me?You?…and what’s up with the pet names today?”Rogers demanded amused.
She leaned over and gave him a peck on his left cheek.
“Trust me!I will call you” She said this and was out of the car instantly.
     Rogers sat in his car ,a bit dazed,his first thought was to go after her but he decided against it,shook his head and drove off.

“Hello”Lola whispered over the phone eagerly.She was back in her room and Rogers had been completely forgotten.
“Hello”Dede answered on the other end,uneasy.
“I got your message and I must tell you, I was thrilled.I mean,I am .”
“Oh okay”
“Can we meet like now or later today?”
“Busy at the moment.Tomorrow evening?”
“Perfect!Perfect!!”Lola replied gleefully.
“And Dede,I am so glad you decided to give us a chance.You made my entire year!”She professed,hardly able to contain herself.
“I don’t know what to say!Thanks.I have got to go”.Dede responded abruptly and ended the call.
     Lola punched the air.
“He isn’t so stuck up after all!phew!”She mumbled to herself turning round to sit on her bed.
“Goodness!!!!!” She shrieked as she faced Amelia,her friend,colleague and roommate.”When did you get in?”
Amelia shrugged, taking off her shoes.
“You were obviously  carried away.”She remarked with an air of disgust.
“What’s your own?Why you dey carry face?!”
“Carry face?!I don’t understand you,this girl.Rogers has been sending me messages on BBM ,pleading with me to talk to you to accept to go on a date with him before he leaves.”Amelia chided.
Lola sighed and sat on the bed promptly.
“Yes Rogers!!Little did I know that you were here drooling over one boy that barely has time for you”
“You are in denial, Amelia.We are getting along real fine.”Lola affirmed angrily.
“You are making a fool of yourself!! The guy no de even send u and him no even reach.Use ur head ,girl!!”
“Listen to yourself!Simply because,he is not some ‘fly’ guy like Rogers.I am making a fool of myself??”
“You don’t just get it”
“Nope!I don’t think I want to.I’ll do everything to keep Dede happy and make us stay together for as long as possible-to your chagrin!Ah!I thought you were my friend.”
   Amelia shook her head.”Looooola!!You sounded like a love-sick zombie over the phone.”
“Amelia,joor!please!”Lola pleaded raising a hand.
“I thought I knew you!”
“Apparently, you don’t!” Lola fumed and folded her hands across her chest.
     Amelia drew her lower lip between her teeth, eyed Lola,picked up her bag,wore a pair of slippers .
“At least have the decency to tell Rogers.Save the poor guy the stress.”
“Why don’t you tell him yourself,since it happens to be that you have become his puppy” Lola taunted.
Amelia glared at her one more time and stormed out of the room.

Image source: Miraimages

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