There’s a thin line between love and hate’

‘No permanent friends; No permanent enemies’

or is it the other way round?

Well, that’s by the way. The above phrases mean one very obvious thing. Nothing in life is permanent. There’s always change either in the beginning or end.

Picture this, there are friends we have known for years probably grew up together and then we become older and realise we did not really know them or they were never exactly who we thought they were.

We not only grew apart we stopped being friends — abruptly.

How about lovers who become sworn enemies in the twinkle of an eye?

As always, I have learned from my life experiences that some people can never be in your life forever. No matter how hard you fight and it’s totally okay.

Infact, the earlier you accept this, the better.

Sometimes, I wonder which is tougher — losing someone physically or emotionally.

What baffles me most is the way life works, it takes a milli-second to destroy a tie/ bond but it could take years to build one.

So, you are friends with a certain person and overlook their excesses on a regular or it could even be the other way round and either of you refuse to come to terms with the fact that you are going overboard.

One fine day, one person becomes tired of trying and decides to move or stop putting as much effort as they should. Then, it goes from a once beautiful relationship to the kind that cats and dogs have.

Moments shared become nothing but memories that can never be brought back.

This also happens in relationships were both parties are romantically involved. It seems like the spark went from hundred to zero.

The situation is vice versa. There are people we meet for the first time and it’s a total turn-off sometimes for a trivial reason, other times for none.

As fate always has it sometimes you get to know this person on a more personal level because you have been placed on the same project together or something of that nature and you get to realise, ‘Oops! I judged wrongly!’ or ‘Why in Pete’s name haven’t I been relating with this person the whole time?’

Sometimes, it could be someone you have known for a long time who probably made bad choices and you had written that person off and then for some reason you get to be around that person often or he/she does something that really strikes you and you tell yourself, ‘She is not so bad afterall’.

Gradually, a spark is ignited or even rekindled. A bond is created with this person you probably could not stand. I have learned that life is a two-way street. You get what you give.

At times, we are too quick to judge and too swift to let people in so we end up making friends and enemies we should not have made in the first place.

In all that we do, we should not forget that change is constant and most importantly, life is transient.

Your ‘enemy’ today could be your best friend tomorrow and vice versa. It’s never that serious really…

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