Anger is a feeling I hate to hold onto..It’s something I have fought against the past year and even now but no matter how hard you try anger is inevitable even as good Christians,we just live by His grace.
People are bound to annoy you whether you are good to them or not.We might be able to choose who we live with but we are hardly ever able to choose those we work with.Sad.Yh?
There are lots of crazy,shallow-minded people out there, we always meet them somewhere ,somehow.

How do we avoid them?One question that keeps running through my mind and I guess,yours too.To top it all or should I say,to make matters more complicated, the good book admonishes us to forgive and forget as hard as it might seem.
For me,I try hard very hard to stay off their paths ,when I meet a seemingly queer person ,I run as fast as my legs can carry ,if it happens that you are a colleague and I have to work with you..Nothing on earth takes the relationship a step further.

I am not perfect. I annoy people too from time to time.I slip occasionally but I am always very careful and I try not to step on toes,if I can. I learned the art of apology a long time ago .I do not hesitate when I have done any wrong.
Anger is a very strong emotion. It kills you slowly. It’s a path no sane person should tread. I know this .I avoid people who tend to annoy me .I don’t know how to cope with anger especially when it’s been bottled up for a very long time.I cry to let go of my pain ,I pray and then I move on but most especially I have learned.
Stay away from shallow-minded people ,they get to you the most .They are difficult to deal with.
To those who have the tendency to annoy you through their words or actions. Keep a reasonable distance .Make you happy no matter what.